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Separatists’ leader complains about low support in Donbas

In a televised address May 17, the leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Russia intelligence service officer Igor Strelkov complained about the low response Donbas residents show to his invitations to take up arms and fight for Donbas.

 “For over a month now, we, a small group of volunteers from Russia and Ukraine, responding to calls for help, came to Donbas to counter the Ukrainian army,” he said. 

Strelkov said there were many calls from local residents to be issued arms.

 “Responding to such calls, we obtained the arms by seizing them in Ukraine army and warehouses, buying from underground traders at mind-blowing process. Now we have the arms. The arms are not to be distributed in peaceful areas in Donetsk or Luhansk, they can be made available in the strongpoints of resistance in Slovyansk, Kramatorsk or Kostyantynivka,” he said.
Now any Donbas volunteer can come there and get a Kalashnikov, he said.

However, Strelkov grumbled, there are few volunteers.

 “To be honest, I have never expected there won’t be a thousand volunteers in the Donetsk oblast with a population of 4.5 million.

The Russian later said that, in the absence of men, he will invite women to join his group of militants, UNIAN reports. 


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