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Poroshenko leading in all regions except Donbas, poll says

The poll run in late April gives Petro Poroshenko the support of 34-35% of Ukrainians.

 Next are Yulia Tymoshenko with 11% and Serhy Tihipko with 6%, Rating agency head Olexy Antypovych told journalists in Lviv May 16.

Other presidential candidates have the following approval rating: Hrytsenko and Dobkin 4% each, Lyashko and Symonenko – 3%.

In Donbas, over 60% are either undecided or won’t go the polls.

Even if Donbas voters skip the vote, Poroshenko can be expected to win in the first round, considering his support all over Ukraine.

About 40% of respondents have made up their choices, with a third ‘pretty confident’ and 10% hesitating, the poll indicated.

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