Friday, 16 May, 2014, 10:22 Politics
Kunitsyn: Akhmetov could have easily prevented flare-up of conflict in Donbas

Donbas billionaire Rinat Akhmetov could have stopped the escalation of violence in Donbas if he had then done what he has just proposed to do.

Unfortunately, it is too late now.
Speaking to 112 Ukrayina TV channel May 16, Kunitsyn said the click of Akhmetov’s fingers would have been enough to stop the conflict.

 “His attitude can be understood as half of his business is in Russia and half in Ukraine. He was in a very difficult situation,” Kunitsyn said, adding that now Akhmetov cannot resolve the conflict as it has gone too far.

The pro-Russian militants are well armed and have gone out of hand. They indulge in pillaging, kidnapping and extorting ransom from their victims.

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