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Tymchuk: Akhmetov’s demand to stop anti-terrorist operation is provocation

“Akhmetov’s proposals to stop the anti-terrorist operation in Donbas and withdraw the army and National Guard are merely a provocation, says military expert Tymchuk May 11.

 “Firstly, businessman Akhmetov, unlike oblast governors, has no mandate to form a private army.
Any territorial formations must be a part of Ukraine armed forces. Meanwhile, what is proposed by Akhmetov is nothing but his private army and are not different from the separatists units operating in Donbas.

Secondly, why does Akhmetov challenge the right of Ukraine law enforcement to ensure law and order in Donbas which is part of Ukraine?

Thirdly, Akhmetov demands the withdrawal of Ukraine army and National Guard from Donbas, insisting on the complete control over the territory for his brigades of vigilantes. If vigilantes are going to be armed, where will Akhmetov take the weapons to arm them?

Fourthly, Akhmetov’s proposal to form the brigades to operate jointly with the municipal police holds no water. What municipal police does he mean? The police that sabotaged the government in Kyiv and placated the criminals and separatists?” Tymchuk argued. 

“We can see that Akhmetov and some other Donbas tycoons are imposing their scenario on Ukraine. A big question here is whether the scenario fits the interests of Ukraine,” Tymchuk stressed.

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