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Putin’s latest declarations indicate success of anti-terrorist operation by Ukraine military

Speaking at Kanal 5 May 8, heavyweight Rada lawmaker David Zhvaniasaid Putin’s latest declarations on the need to deescalate the stand-off in Ukraine indicate his readiness to start a dialog no longer based on a position of force.

The idea that Russia cannot fight against the entire world seems to be sinking in in Russia.

On the other hand, a mutiny among Russia tycoons is on the rise as sanctions begin to kick in and they begin to lose money.

The uncensored information is surfacing in Russia media, and Putin’s declaration is the first signal of his readiness to compromise, Zhvania believes.

For his part, UDAR’s Pavlo Rizanenko said the de-escalation declarations by the Russian leaders are proof that the anti-terrorist operation against Donetsk separatists is successful.

 “The Russians do not have absolute control in Donbas and cannot push ahead with the May 11 referendum,” Rizanenko said.


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