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Lutsenko: Kyiv can turn tide its way in Donbas

The government can change the situation in Donbas and has means to make order there, Yury Lutsenko told Public TV on Apr. 29.

“The public opinion in Donbas is in favor of integral Ukraine, with 70-75% of local residents demanding that the present turmoil be finished. However, tough political decisions by the government are needed,” Luitsenko said.

Meanwhile, the coalition majority is wavering with the decision trying to pass the buck to its political allies, he said.

 “The police are demoralized. Still, the power can raise their salaries in Donbas to $2,000 – 3,000 and give them #1-million death insurance – so that special troops, thinking about their families, would risk their lives,” Lutsenko said.

Besides material support, special troops need clear orders.

Law enforcers in Donetsk and Luhansk must free the captured governmental buildings and start a dialog with separatists from the position of force.

Pro-Ukrainian troops are waiting for such orders. However, Ukraine’s top politicians, SBU and police heads are delaying it.

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