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Herashchenko wants Avakov to resign

Writing in Facebook Apr. 30, UDAR’s key lawmaker Iryna Herashchenko wants Interior Minister Arsen Avakov to resign.

 “First, the Maidan tent camp is to be dismantled. It’s enough to discredit the memory of patriots by indulging in drinking and fights on Maidan. Those protesters who are still camping on Maidan should go to their families or National Guard units.

Ukrainians can rally again on Maidan on important days,” she said.

Second, I would like to appeal to my colleague Avakov to resign. In his position, tough professionals are needed, a man with experience.

His latest statement that the presidential election will be held wherever its possible plays directly into Moscow’s hands, as Putin is eager to present them as illegitimate.

Law enforcers and some NSDC (National security and Defense Council) members must ensure adequate protection of voting stations, not make incompetent statements,” she said.

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