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Lviv residents reach compromise over controversial demonstration

The demonstration to honor the anniversary of the formation of SS Halychyna division did take place in Lviv amid controversial feelings among Lviv residents.

Many nationalist organizations succeeded in persuading the organizers Svoboda to hold a low-key event– without slogans and party flags. 

The demonstration got much ink from the Russian media which called it beforehand a Sabbath of neo-Fascists. 

The demonstrators walked silently from the monument to Stepan Bandera to the monument to the victims of Communist repression 400 meters away, by-passing the center of Lviv.

Experts praise the common sense of Lviv residents and their understanding of the current explosive political situation. 

When one of the demonstrators began to shout “Halychyna is division of heroes,” “Banders, Shukhevych heroes of Ukraine” he was stopped by other participants who called him a provocateur.

The demonstration was escorted by the volunteer police and Self-Defense activists.

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