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Svoboda to hold demonstration to commemorate SS Halychyna division

The proposed demonstration sparked off controversial feelings among Ukrainians. Apr. 25, some Lviv residents picketed the oblast administration headed by Svoboda’s Iryna Seh with slogans ‘Lviv residents ashamed of such Svoboda ‘ [‘svoboda’ means ‘freedom’ in Ukrainian – Ed.]

The march will be held despite Rada lawmaker Hennady Moskal warning that Russian agents are preparing massive provocations in Western Ukraine.

Heeding the likely provocations, Lviv Maidan Lustration Committee proposed to hold the march on Apr. 28 outside Lviv - near Mount Zhbir in the village of Yaseniv, Brody rayon to exclude the provocations in Lviv.

Pravy Sektor radical party and Avtonomny Opir NGO have refused to take part in the Lviv march to forestall the likely disturbances.
Lviv Self-Defense NGO fears the march may be interpreted by the Russian propaganda as a pro-Nazi event. “We have no right to give the Russian a chance,” the Self-Defense says.

The leader of Lviv Self-Defense NGO, Valery Veremchuk, believes that Lviv oblast head Iryna She who is also a member of Svoboda should persuade her party colleagues not to hold the commemoration march in Lviv. 

The march is to be held on Sunday, Apr. 27. Its organizers say they will see to it that no Nazi or pro-Nazi or party symbols will be carried by the demonstrators.

Lviv police say they will try to avert any provocations during the march.

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