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Maidan protesters picket Verkhovna Rada

Protesters who came to the Independence square (Maidan) in Kyiv at 19.00 have moved to Verkhovna Rada, bringing tires with them [burning tires are symbol of active protests – Ed.], Hromadske Radio reports at 22.45 Apr. 14.

The protesters are nervous and chant slogans demanding interior minister Arsen Avakov’s resignation.

They also demand to see Pres Turchynov and NSDC head Andry Parubij, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

Protesters were asked to picket VR by Anatoly Hrytsenko and Maidan platoon CO Volodymyr Parasiuk.

Many speakers at the Maidan rally which began at 19.00 demanded to re-launch the Maidan protest, saying they were dissatisfied with the new power’s efforts to defend Ukraine against Russia’s aggression.  

There were even calls to storm VR.

Meanwhile, NSDC deputy head Viktoria Siumar believes the storming of VR will create destabilization and will play directly into the hands of Kremlin.

 “Moscow is preparing ground for intervention. Destabilizing the east and center of Ukraine matches these plans of Putin perfectly.

 “Uncontrolled Rada will make any effective operations and legitimization of cabinet’s actions impossible. What may happen next can be predicted.

The Russian intervention can be ‘justified’ by the need to ensure stability in a country torn by a civil conflict,” Siumar added. 

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