Monday, 14 April, 2014, 14:23 Politics
Klitschko, Tyahnybok: Rada must strip Tsaryov of immunity

Rada must strip lawmakers and presidential candidates inciting separatism of their immunity against criminal liability, say Vitali Klitschko and Oleh Tyahnybok, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Apr. 14.

Terrorists and Russian agents are not our major enemies. Our major enemy is the inaction of Ukraine officials in Eastern Ukraine, Klitschko said.

The separatist statements of some Rada lawmakers and presidential candidates are outrageous, he said.

Regions lawmaker Tsaryov and some Communist lawmakers are fanning separatists feelings and destabilizing Ukraine, he said.

Such lawmakers must be stripped of their deputy immunity, he stressed.

The police should screen all Russians staying in Ukraine and expel those who infiltrated the country illegally, he said.

For his part, Oleh Tyahnybok said Regions heavyweight lawmaker Kolesnychenko must be punished. The Central Election Commission should react and find legal grounds for punishment, he said.

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