Monday, 14 April, 2014, 12:15 Politics
Cabinet wants Rada to punish some lawmakers for inciting to separatism

Addressing an agenda-setting session in Rada Apr. 14, first vice premier Vitali Yarema asked the legislators to react to some lawmakers who incite the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

 “Taking advantage of their lawmaker’s and presidential candidate’s status such lawmakers, instead of stabilizing the situation, are roaming around the east and incite the separatists,” he said.

The Regions lawmakers include Oleh Tsaryov, Vladyslav Lukyanov, and Mykola Levchenko who were seen addressing the separatists’ meetings.
Tsaryov said he recognized the Donbas republic and would do everything to disrupt the presidential election due May 25.

Lukyanov controlled the seizure of the city council in Khartsyzk, Donetsk oblast.

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