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Lutsenko: presidential election may be disrupted

Ukraine has reached a tense and bloody stand-off it had 10 years ago when Tymoshenko faced Poroshenko in their fight for power. Now, Ukrainians will have to choose again between the two who, due to their feud, wasted the 2005 Orange revolution momentum, Yury Lutsenko said, speaking on ZIK TV in Lviv Apr. 10.

The only remedy to the confrontation is the political unification of all democratic candidates, he said.

“The May 25 presidential election may be disrupted by pro-Russian supporters. This was clearly demonstrated by the seizures of administrative buildings in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv.

The seizure of just ten voting stations may seriously undermine the legitimacy of the election, he said.

Therefore, we have to win in the first round. This can be achieved through the open agreement among all democratic candidates, Lutsenko said.

 “Our leaders must do three things: 1) to put up a single presidential candidate and single candidates for the early parliamentary elections, 2) to purge their environment from corrupt politicians, 3) to invite Eastern politicians not mired with corruption and collaboration with Yanukovych regime to take part in ruling Ukraine,” Lutsenko said.

 “I believe, Batkivshchyna must back Poroshenko. In his turn, Poroshenko must propose to Yulia Tymoshenko or anyone from Batkivshchyna to be a prime minister. If this doesn’t happen, contenders will start the dogfight for voters.

 Ukraine’s national interests must be observed through the unity of democrats and a single presidential candidate,” Yury Lutsenko said.

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