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Tymoshenko to fly to Donetsk to troubleshoot

In a statement at 11.00 Apr. 7, Yulia Tymoshenko says she is urgently flying to Donetsk, Batkivshchyna press service says.

 “The seizure of administrations in the eastern oblasts by separatists assisted by Russia secret services is a continuation of Russia’s open aggression. 

Its aim is annex Ukraine’s east according to the Crimean scenario.

Ukraine power must use resolute measures to deal with the terrorists and prevent the repetition of such attacks in the future.

Ukraine power has all it needs to deal a resolute blow to the separatists and Russian agents.
We must put a stop to Kremlin’s attempts to divide Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the sanctions of the US and EU don’t seem to be stopping the aggressor.

I, therefore, urge western leaders to resort to harsher sanctions.

I am urgently flying to Donets.”

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