Monday, 31 March, 2014, 19:36 Politics
Regions’ presidential candidate to rock boat

Mykhailo Dobkin, put up as Regions candidate for president, will continue to rock the boat relying on Region’s traditional slogans – close ties with Moscow and state language status for Russian, according to his election program.

By joining the Customs Union with Russia Ukraine will be able to develop its strategic areas of industry, Dobkin claims.

He also promised to speedily patch up the relations with Russia and create a joint humanitarian space.

Dobkin also promises federalization, non-affiliation status and a new Constitution.
Meanwhile, the security service of Ukraine opened a criminal case, charging Dobkin with encroachments on the country’s territorial integrity, referring to Dobkin’s earlier calls for separatism.

Dobkin is presently under home arrest and awaits trial.

He made some belligerent statements urging to disarm the Maidan protesters and kill those who would refuse to lay down arms.

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