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Leaders of Ukraine media groups demand resignation of three Svoboda lawmakers

The leaders of Ukraine leading media groups and TV channels said in a statement March 19 that the conduct of three Svoboda lawmakers, I. Miroshnichenko, B. Beniuk and A. Illenko, was inadmissible during their incident with the First National Channel manager.

 “No one is above the law. The appointments and dismissals of officials are to be conducted pursuant to the law,’ the statement runs.

During the March 18 incident, the three Svoboda lawmakers forced NFC head to resign using force.

The prosecution is to investigate the incident and initiate the stripping of the lawmakers of their deputy immunity.

The three lawmakers must apologize and resign their deputy mandates, the statement runs.

The statement was signed by the heads of channels Inter, 1+1, ICTV, Starlight Media, Novy Kanal and ZIK.

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