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Lawmaker tables motion to ban Communist party in Ukraine

Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Batkivshchyna, has tabled a motion in Rada to ban the Communist party for its attempts to liquidate Ukraine’s independence, break the integrity, propaganda of civil war and violate the freedoms and liberties of Ukrainians.

According to the author, the ban will ease tensions, promote civil peace and strengthen the territorial integrity and safety of the country.

After the ouster of Yanukovych, Communists launched a campaign aimed at undermining Ukraine’s security and territorial integrity.

Communists were behind the separatist actions and terror in southern and eastern oblasts and Crimea.

The Communist faction in Rada flagrantly ignores Rada attempts to counter the military aggression of Russia, raise the combat ability of the armed forces and improve the functioning of the government.

V. Kyrylenko referred to the Constitution demanding the ban of the Communist party, the 2006 PACE resolution on the crimes committed by Communists.

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