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Journalists recognize Russia army officer posing as Crimea self-defence commander

Vladimir Karpushenko, deputy commander of Russia 810th brigade was recognized by journalists posing as head of Crimea self-defense volunteers who seize and block Ukraine military units on the peninsula, Moscow journalist Arkadij Babchenko wrote in Facebook March 5.

 “In my article The Strange War, I assumed that the so-called self-defense activists wearing civilian clothes and Russian arms belong to the 810th brigade deployed near Sevastopol.

I took photos of some self-defense activists, and asked my friends to help identify them.
They identified one of them as Vladimir Karpushenko, Hero of Russia and officer with the 810th brigade. 

This person fought in Dagestan and Chechnya,” the journalist wrote.

Presw Putin has vehemently denied Russian servicemen are used as self-defence activists in Crimea.

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