News » Politics 4 March, 2014, 8:59
Lutsenko urges Ukrainians to turn out in support of state administrations in eastern and southern Ukraine

Writing in Facebook March 4, Yury Lutsenko said he had been involved in repulsing Russian goons’ attacks in Odesa this night.

 “The situation is difficult. The police are disoriented. New administrators are just being appointed by Kyiv,” he wrote.

Luckily, steps have been taken to cut the unauthorized penetration of agitators from Russia, he said.

Police and SBU offices in eastern and southern oblasts are beginning to function. 

 “To avoid the Crimean scenario, Ukrainian must rally on Tuesday in support for oblast administrations and mayoral offices all over eastern and southern Ukraie,” Yury Lutsenko wrote.

 “Foreigners must not be allowed to enter Ukraine administrations and hoist their flags and keep lawmakers at gunpoint,” he said.

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