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Tymoshenko: Putin not to go to war with entire world, he opts for war of nerves

By declaring war on Ukraine Putin will be declaring war on the USA and UK, says Yulia Tymoshenko in her March 3 address to Ukrainians.

“Vladimir Putin knows only too well that by going to war with Ukraine he will be going to war with the US and UK, the guarantors of our safety. It’s my firm conviction that Russia won’t cross the line. If it does, it will certainly lose,” she said. 

Tymoshenko  called on Ukrainian to stay calm.
“It is clear today that had Ukraine joined the NATO before such aggression would have been out of the question,” she said.

 “Today, it is not the war of weapons but of nerves and intellect,” she said.

Tymoshenko urged Ukrainians not to attend the pro-Russian rallies in eastern and southern oblasts. These meetings are orchestrated by Russia special services. These rallies are used by our enemies to drive a wedge among Ukrainians, she said.

 “We have to become part of united Europe by signing the association agreement. Thus, we will protect ourselves against military threats by Russia,” she said.

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