Wednesday, 26 February, 2014, 8:14 People
Lviv to switch to Russian, Donetsk and Odesa to Ukrainian

Activists have proposed an initiative to unite Eastern and Western Ukraine by switching to Russian on Feb. 28 in Lviv and to Ukrainian in Donetsk and Odesa, Tyzhden informe Feb. 26.

Writing in Facebook, Lviv-based journalists Volodymyr Behlov says, “Let me propose to patriotically-minded Lviv residents to switch to Russian for one day, say on Feb. 26, and speak Russian in coffee houses, at work and on the net. Just to demonstrate that the language issue is heavily overplayed by the politicians who want to divide us.”  

V. Behlov’s initiative was quickly picked up in the social networks by Easterner and Central Ukraine readers.

From Donetsk came the response, “We, the residents of Donetsk support the development of a civil society in Ukraine. In solidarity with Western Ukrainians we wil switch to Ukrainian on Feb. 26 at home, in busses, in conversations with friends.”
A similar reaction came from Odesa, V. Behlov says.

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