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Pshonka’s house beats Mezhyhirya for luxury

Now that the posh suburban estates of Yanukovych, ex-prosecutor-general Pshonka and other top officials are open to public (their owners fled Ukraine), experts are assessing their wealth.

Yanukovych’s Mezhyhirya estate occupies a large territory, has car garages with up to 100 newest and veteran vehicles, a golf course, ponds and swimming pools. The interior is abominably rich – gold-plated clocks, watches, toilet facilities.

However, Mezhyhirya pales in comparison with Pshonka’s estate near Kyiv.

It’s like a treasury, with hundreds of jewelry pieces, old icons, religious books, collections of arms and pictures.

One of them depicts Pshonka in a Roman tunic  wearing a crown with a sword in hand and a bulky golden ring on his finger. 

A Maidan protesters when asked by a journalist for comment said,"These are homes of sick men."  


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