News » Politics 22 February, 2014, 6:51
Goons were led by ex-SBU head Kalinin

Pro-government goons [hordes of youths brought to Kyiv and some western cities like Lviv from eastern and southern oblast by the regime] to plunder, beat and kill activists, and cause panic] were led by the ex-head of the security service SBU, Kalinin.

Such are the findings of Rada’s ad hoc commission investigating the recent crimes of officials and police in Ukraine, Moskal says.

 “The actions of the goons [called ‘titushki’] were coordinated by Kalinin and supervised by deputy interior minister Viktor Ratushnyak who issued orders to disperse peaceful demonstrations,” Hennady Moskal, ex-police general and opposition leader, wrote in Facebook, Radio Svoboda reports Feb. 22.

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