News » Politics 15 February, 2014, 18:11
Odesa: national forum of Maidan protesters, swarms of goons

About 80 activists representing Maidan protests all over Ukraine have gathered in Odesa for their second forum on Feb. 15-16, UNIAN reports.

Meanwhile, there are reports of large numbers of pro-government goons brought to Odesa by the regime. Some of the city spa hotels are full of them. Owners say the goons misbehave, use swear words and damage their property.

Feb. 15, the police staged a provocation against the guards of the local Maidan rally. The police arrived in 15 cars at a gym where the guards were training and made them lie on the road with their faces down.

The police say they were looking for Western Ukrainians but had a pratfall as all the guards were natives of Odesa.

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