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Lutsenko: opposition must stop attempts to tailor constitution to fit its leaders

The reinstatement of the 2004 Constitution is the only way out as it sets back checks and balances.

While any attempts to suit the new constitution to any of the opposition’s leaders are shameful, opposition leader Yury Lutsenko writes in Facebook Feb. 10.

The lack of cooperation in the area of constitutional changes between the leaders of the opposition is very dangerous, he says.
Hinting at Yatseniuk who had been offered premiership by Yanukovych, Lutsenko says giving massive power to the premier is also risky as there is no guarantee that Yanukovych will not grab the post.

UDAR, in his opinion, is also eager to tailor the constitution to its leader Klitschko.

“We know well the shortcomings of the 2004 Constitution. But its reinstatement will set the checks and balances in the country.

The new constitution should be written by a constitutional assembly elected by Ukrainians. Only in this case it will not be a conspiracy between the old politicians on how to distribute the posts but a truly revolutionary document,” Yury Lutsenko writes.

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