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Yury Lutsenko calls for Eastern Maidan, sets priorities for protesters

Addressing a large rally on Maidan square in Kyiv, opposition leader Yury Lutsenko said everything should be done to encourage Maidan protests in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, UNIAN reports Feb. 9.

 “Between 30 and 40% in these areas voted for the opposition. The Maidan protests should be staged there,” he said.

He urged Ukrainians to volunteer for self-defence units all over Ukraine to act as an alternative to docile police, courts and prosecution.

Yury Lutsenko set Maidan’s priorities for dealing with the regime: the reinstatement of the 2004 Constitution that will clip Yanukovych's power, formation of a technical or opposition cabinet and early elections of the president and parliament.

[Maidan has become the synonym of rebellion-Ed.]

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