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Drohobych youths bussed to Lviv set up by Regions

Youths from Drohobych who were bussed to the Lviv oblast administration building claim the organizers told they were going to picket the Epicenter mall owned by Regions Gerega, Media Drohobychyna portal says Feb. 7.

One of the lads, Stepan, who refused to give his full name, says after the Feb. 5 incident he has been jeered by his neighbors.   

One day before the incident a friend called him to say that volunteers were needed to picket the Epicenter store in Lviv owned by a Regions tycoon. Transportation was free plus sandwiches and tea.

On the way to the Epicenter, the organizer received a call from some Robert ordering to go to the the Lviv oblast administration seized by Maidan protesters.

When we reached the administration, Robert told us to leave the bus and enter the building.

When we were going to do this, we were stopped by Maidan protesters.

Soon, a crowd of angry Lviv residents gathered. They called us titushki (goons).

Media teams began to shoot us on their cameras.

“We are all the supporters of Maidan. And we would never take part in any actions aimed against the Maidan. What happened on Feb. 5 was a blatant set up by the Party of Regions,” Stepan said. 

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