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Lviv Regions leader: Kharkiv convention of Regions adventure to split Ukraine

The Regions Lviv branch did not delegate its representatives to Feb. 1 Kharkiv convention of Regions, Petro Pysarchuk told ZIK Feb. 3.

 “The convention is an adventure aimed at splitting Ukraine. We are working for the unification of the country,” he said.

P. Pysarchuk lashed out at the convention’s decision to set up the so-called Ukrainian Front, a formation of belligerent groups to clean up Maidan protesters.

 “We are not going to set up any UF groups in Lviv. It’s my principled stand and no one can force me to act otherwise,” he said.

He also criticized Maidan’s radicals saying they do not help to unite Ukraine.

 “Our front will clean up Ukraine of all the occupants,” Kharkiv governor Dobkin said at the convention.

“When we see that peaceful means to make order in Ukraine have been exhausted, we will use other means,” Dobkiv threatened.

The Ukrainian Front is an attempt by the regime to legalize its goons now actively kidnapping and beating up Maidan civilians, as well as burning their cars with the absolute connivance by the police, the opposition says.

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