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Lutsenko: we are all in prison the size of Ukraine

There is merely a 5% chance of resolving the current conflict in a peaceful way, he said, speaking on Kanal 5 and saying there is no civil war in the country.

“ I don’t know any Ukrainian who would give up his life for the ruling junta. These Draculas [power representatives] will never sacrifice their lives for their main organizer. There is no civil war,” Lutsenko said.

“What must we do? Why was I absent at the last Sunday rally? Because I disagreed with the opposition’s ineffective plan. Things should be called by their proper names. When opposition leaders spoke they were thinking about what they will tell investigators,“ he said.

“I am confident that the People’s Assembly must sit in Verkhovna Rada – all 180 lawmakers.

They must invite other lawmakers to support their demands and join them. Other lawmakers must be declaredbeyond the law,” Lutsenko proposed. 

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