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Klitschko: regime’s plan to provoke disorders failed

Kyiv is flooded by titushki [pro-government goons – civilians or plainclothes police] who try to cause disorder by burning Maidan activists’ cars, smashing shop windows, rob and provoke fights. However, the plan of the authorities to provoke mass disorders has failed so far, UDAR’s leader Vitali Klitschko said Jan. 21.

Accordign to his press service, Klitschko said, “when the goons are violating the law in the capital and there are no police in sight, Ukrainians must self-organize to defend public order.

 “Titushki were brought to Kyiv mainly from East and South Ukraine to burn cars, break shop windows, rob and provoke fights – in order to create an impression that this is done by Maidan protesters. The regime wants to create chaos in Kyiv and destabilize the situation to declare a state of emergency,” his statement runs.

 “Thanks to Kiev residents, the regime’s hope of a blitzkrieg by goons has failed.

During the small hours of Jan. 21, there were clashes between Maidan protesters and titushki. Protesters seized several scores of goons, some with self-made explosives, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Jan. 21.  

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