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Bohoslovska: regime turns to terror

A former influential member of the Party of Regions who dropped her membership to become an independent lawmaker, Inna Bohoslovska, says the presidential administration dishonestly played the Regions faction.

She claims most of Regions lawmakers believed they would vote for the budget law only that day and didn’t know they would vote for other laws curtailing the freedoms of Ukrainians.

 “Regions lawmakers had been instructed only to railroad the budget law at any cost. Other laws, drafted by presidential administration were slipped in during the havoc in Verkhovna Rada,” she said.

 “After the vote, the faces of many Regions lawmakers were grim from disappointment. Half of the faction realized they had been played, and the faction is boiling with protests,” Bohoslovska claims.

She asked journalists to publicize photos and video footage showing that Regions lawmakers were not raising their hands when they voted.

 “The publication will help these lawmakers to come up with statements dissociating them with the voting, which will make the vote invalid,” she said.

The ignoble vote will make it possible for some Regions lawmakers to resign from the party, she said.

Inna Bohoslovska also called the opposition to unite ‘not even in a single party but in a single front.’

 “If the regime turns to terror it means it is bursting at its seams. Thus, it can be defeated,” she said.

 “I am convinced that the fall-out from the present developments will be the early presidential election in the fall of 2014,” Ukrayinska Pravda quotes the lawmaker as saying.


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