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Lviv Maidan organizing committee decries Kyiv dictate

The organizing committee set up in Lviv to form the Lviv Maidan NGO is against the organizing committee proposed by the Kyiv Maidan board, Lviv OK told ZIK Jan. 15.

Lviv Maidan activist Sofia Fedyna says Kyiv Maidan board, without any consultations with Lviv activists, approved an 11-member organizing committee for Lviv.

Lviv students and NGOs that were the founders of the Lviv Maidan were not informed about the decision.

 “The decision was adopted and relayed to Lviv Maidan in an old Communist way. Our organizing committee supports the establishment of the Lviv Maidan NGO.

However, we are against the way in which the Kyiv Maidan board presses its decisions on us. If we want to change the system, we must, starting with ourselves, cultivate new approaches,” she said.

Another Lviv NGO head Oleh Kuzan said the list of OK members approved by Kyiv Maidan includes at least 7 members who are members of political parties or persons close to them.

Lviv Maidan activists opt for talks with Kyiv board-appointed committee to resolve all problems.

Anyway, Lviv activists say, they are not going to set up an alternative structure.

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