Monday, 13 January, 2014, 17:19 Economy
Foreign banks block money transfers by Ukraine banks demanding identification of senders

Foreign banks demand identification of Ukrainian senders transferring money abroad. Specifically, US banks want their partners in Ukraine to check if their clients are on the black list of those against whom economic sanctions have been imposed, Ekonomichna Pravda reports Jan. 13.

Although no sanctions have been imposed on Ukraine officials the preparations for their imposition are under way, EP says. 

There is no doubt that the high level Ukraine officials incriminated in the bloody crackdown on Maidan protesters will be sanctioned. The interior minister, Yury Zakharchenko, is said to top the black list. Pres Yanukovych and his ‘family’ are also expected to be on the list.

Officials and politicians violating human rights and freedoms risk to be put on the black list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Finance Ministry.

The blacklisted persons, their relatives and affiliated businesses won’t be able to make their payments and money transfers in US dollars.

In 2013, the US City Bank and some other foreign banks closed correspondents’ accounts of many Ukraine banks due to their opaque ownership, EP says.

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