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UGCC head: Moscow and Kyiv patriarchs take different views of Maidan

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Archbishop Svyatoslav says Moscow-based Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kiril takes a different view from his Kyiv-based Patriach Volodymyr of the Maidan protests and European aspirations of Ukrainians,

Speaking to Kanal 5 TV Jan. 7, Svyatoslav said, “ I would not to comment on the declarations of Kiril. However, I would like to stress that the attitude of Patriarch Volodymyr coincides with the attitude of other heads of Ukrainian churches.

The church in Ukraine is with its people. The church is the source of peace. It is a bridge for a peaceful dialog in the country that would prevent violence, Svyatoslav said. 

 “I would like Urainians living in the south and east to come to the Maidan rally in Kyiv to feel how the rally has become a source for the purification of Ukraine and the making of a nation,” he said.

 “I believe, many in Ukrainedo not know the truth about what is going on on Maidan square in Kyiv. I would advise Ukrainians to use their rights and liberties, and to be more demanding towards the power and politicians, not to be scared to protest peacefully,” the UGCC church head said. 

Recall that Patriarch Kiril believes that the latest political developments in Ukraine bring in the threat of a civil confrontation and country’s divide, The Catholic Observer reports.

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