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Opposition: Big Brother watching Maidan activists

Ex-SBU General and now Batkivshchyna lawmaker Andry Kozhemyakin complained to journalists Jan. 8 that the secret service, SBU, is eavesdropping on Maidan activists.

“We have received about 25 complaints from politicians and Maidan activists that their cars are tailed, cell conversations tapped and things tampered with in their homes,” he said.

A. Kozhemyakin who is member of the Rada committee on law enforcement said the committee received many tip offs from SBU and police officers that they are given illegal orders to follow and harass Maidan activists.

A. Kozhemyakin reminded that police surveillance can be done only investigating grave crimes and only on condition of getting a court permit. Other cases of surveillance are illegal.

A. Kozhemyakin also told about provocations against AutoMaidan activists who picket the homes of high officials driving there in their cars, with windows broken, drugs and weapons planted.

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