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Diaspora to picket Regions moneysacks abroad

The head of the Ukrainian diaspora in Portugal, Pavlo Sadoha, called on Ukrainians worldwide to picket wealthy Regions members staying abroad and inform local media about their belonginess to authoritarian reactionary regime, VIDIA reports Jan. 6.

 “In a situation in which you [Regions members] landed Ukraine you have only the right to resign and repay the losses you inflicted on Ukraine,” he says.

 “As there is no honest law enforcement in Ukraine, we will protect our freedoms and dignity by all available means. We will distribute your photos to Ukrainian diaspora and you will have to hide from Ukrainians abroad,” he says.

 “You will be welcomed by the chants “Shame!” We will now start checking on your assets abroad and picket your West-located companies,” Sadoha says.  

Diaspora Ukrainians will start from Regions tycoon Dmytro Svyatash who recently called Ukrainians living abroad ‘ancestors of cowards and imbeciles’ for their support of Maidan protesters in Ukraine. 

Pavlo Sadoha urges diaspora Ukrainians who are in the know about Svyatash’s whereabouts in the West to relay information to diaspora in other countries to stage protests against him. 


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