Sunday, 5 January, 2014, 14:33 Politics
Yatseniuk: Maidan rally in Kyiv must continue till 2015 presidential election

“Maidan is to stay in the center of Kyiv as an island of Ukrainian liberty and mobilization center, Arseny Yatseniuk told Kanal 5 TV Jan. 4.

 “If Maidan is just staying and not attacking it will mean we are not making any progress.

Maidan has switched to new tactics of surprise pickets of the police, Yanukovych, Azarov and Rybak,” he said.

One of the Maidan NGO goals is to defend the honest vote of Ukrainian in the 2015 presidential election.

Maidan activists should act as campaigners, election commission members and observers in the 2015 election, Yatseniuk said

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