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Yanukovych cannot run Ukraine any longer, US expert says

In a Dec. 30 interview with The Tyzhden, Blaire A. Ruble, a noted US expert on Ukraine and one of Woodrow Wilson Center program directors, said he has doubts that Ukraine’s political landscape in 2014 will not change in 2014.

 “The deal [on the $15-billion credit and lower gas price – Ed.] between Putin and Yanukovych may buy them some time and room for manoeuver but it does not meet any economic challenges facing Ukraine and does not give more legitimacy to its leader,” he said. 

If before the deal Ukraine would be without money in two months, now it is the matter of 6 or 9 months, B. Ruble said.

As Ukraine consumes more than it produces, there is another scores settling day awaiting its economy.

Unlike the European Union, Putin does not demand structural reforms – so Ukraine’s economic problems will not disappear, the expert said.

 Yanukovych lost the ability to run Ukraine as over half of Ukrainians no longer recognize him as their leader. 

“I cannot predict what the consequences of this will be but I’m not sure the political landscape in 2014 will be the same as in late 2013,” B. Ruble said. 

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