Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 13:27 Politics
Kuchma: Ukraine won’t be able to wrest from Putin’s bear hug without losses

Ex-Pres Leonid Kuchma was stunned by the way Putin made Viktor Yanukovych backtrack on signing the association agreement with the EU, ZN.UA quotes him as saying Dec. 30.

Asked about who his man of the year was, Leonid Kuchma said, “Putin. He reached his goal in a perfect way. Two weeks ahead of the Vilnius summit, Putin found arguments to convince Yanukovych to scrap the signing.” 

 “As a result, the bear hug of Moscow is so strong that Ukraine won’t be able to wrest itself away without losses. As a result, Ukraine has found itself between the rock and the hard place.”

 “On the other hand, it beats me why the association agreement was not signed in Yushchenko’s tenure when Europe viewed the Ukrainian regime favorably and there was no economic slump in the EU,” he said.


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