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Taras Chornovil: Azarov now rules Regions roost

Ukraine will be led into deliberate bankruptcy in 2015, the noted political analyst Taras Chornovil said, speaking on the TBi TV Dec. 25.

 “The president is in a state of deep prostration. We can hear his absolutely inadequate comments, he goes under the radar all of a sudden at the most dramatic moments in the life of his country. I think, doctors will have to explain why he behaves like a loose cannon,” T. Chornovil says.

At the same time, Premier Azarov who never hid his pro-Kremlin feelings, has stepped to the front.
 “A weakling in politics, he began to play a key role in Ukraine’s political life.

Apparently, Azarov, whom Yanukovych intended to make a scape-goat, feels he has the support of mighty patrons. With so much power, Azarov has become a plum partner for Moscow,” Chornovil says.

T. Chornovil claims the Russians have full control of the Ukrainian government now.

There are three stages how to dominate Ukraine. The first stage included the gas contract and the $15-billion credit intended to bankrupt Ukraine. 
2015 will see the second stage as Ukraine will be deliberately led to a default.

The third stage will be the split-up of Ukraine, with the economic annexation of Eastern and Southern Ukraine, the expert predicts.

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