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Goons shot at NGO activist, burn his car

Volodymyr Moralov, an activist of Dorozhny Kontrol, the NGO that fights government corruption, was attacked by goons at 23.00 on Dec. 21 in Kyiv, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Dec. 22.

The goons blocked Volodymyr’s car, broke into his vehicle and dragged him to the rear seat.

Volodymyr started to shoot from his rubber bullet gun, hitting one attacker. The goons then took his gun away.

He was dragged out of his car and was asked, at gunpoint, where the equipment for filming road police violence was and what were the whereabouts of his NGO colleagues.

On receiving a negative answer, the attackers fired at Volodynyr.   
Following this, the goons burned down his car.

Volodymyr is now in hospital and is questioned by the police.

The number of accidents in which cars of activists protesting against the government all over Ukraine has grown significantly in the last month. 

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