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Bohoslovska: 60 lawmakers want to quit Regions faction, they are intimidated

Speaking to Radio Svoboda Dec. 21, Inna Bohoslovska, who recently resigned her Regions membership, said about 60 Regions lawmakers want to quit the party, but they are being intimidated day and night.

She told about her husband, who quitted Regions Dec. 20. “He announced his intention to resign from Regions on Nov. 30 (the day of the bloody crackdown on students in Kyiv). 

He was able to announce his resignation only on Dec. 20 as all his friends and business colleagues had been ruthlessly intimidated.” 
 “I appealed to the opposition leaders to give protection to those Rewgions members who decided to leave the faction. It is so difficult to face the Regions steamroller,” she said.
Human rights NGOs should also declare their support for such lawmakers so that they do not feel let down by society, Inna Bohoslovska said. 

 “I am sure the resignations of Regions members will continue and we will get back to the parliamentary-presidential republic, and reboot the power peacefully,” she said.
So far, only 3 lawmakers have quitted the Regions faction – the Bohoslovskys and David Zhvania.

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