News » Politics 1 December, 2013, 7:17
Column of 60 cars left Lviv to take protesters to Kyiv

A 60-car long column of cars left Lviv in the early hours of Dec. 1 to take protesters to Kyiv. As bus companies, intimidated by the authorities, refused to provide their services, the Lviv oblast council called on residents to go by cars, the council’s press service says.

The organizers advised drivers to form columns. Each column will be escorted by Lviv and Rada lawmakers and legal experts with video equipment - to forestall any interference by the road police on the way to Kyiv.

Earlier, the servile road police used the pettiest pretext to stop busses from reaching the capital. In one incident, the cops stole the rear number plate, preventing the bus to proceed to Kyiv.

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