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Bohoslovska: presidential administration storming is doing of Russian special services. Putin is waiting for war

Speaking on TBi, Inna Bohoslovska who resigned from Party of Regions said it is important that the protests remain peaceful.

 “Putin is waiting for the war in Ukraine. He is preparing to carve a part of Ukraine,” she said. 

 “The president has illegitimized himself, after Vilnius the cabinet has no moral right to pass any decisions,” she said.

The only way-out is the resignation of law-enforcement officials tonight and Yanukovych’s urgent visit to Brussels to ask for EU’s emergency session, she said.   

 “Medvedchuk is Putin’s goon taking instructions from FSB secret service. There are many provocateurs. The storm of PA is the doing of Russian secret services, she said.

At the time of her interview, she said, pro-government goons (titushki) are being paid in the Kyiv Hotel.

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