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Inna Bohoslovska resigns from Party of Regions and Rada

One of the staunch supporters of Yanukovych, Inna Bohoslovska, has resigned from the Party of Regions and Regions faction in Verkhovna Rada, RBK-Ukrayina reports Nov. 30.

She accused Yanukovych of conducting an opaque policy. She warns the plan to split up Ukraine is being implemented by Putin’s supporters in Ukraine using Yanukovych as a cat’s paw.

Bohoslovska urged Ukrainians in Eastern and Southern Ukraine who do not want to live under Putin and be slaves in his neo-empire to unite.

The Center and West of Ukraine, she says, will stand by themselves and defend their country.

The young people in the East and South strive for European values, she said.

Bohoslovska’s action plan includes the creation of a majority in Rada, turning the legislature into the main political body in the country.

She opts for dismissing the Azarov cabinet, proposing a scenario to Yanukovych which will save Ukraine from bloodshed and his entourage from reprisals, ask the EU to call a summit to sign the agreement on association.
Following this, Yanukovych has to resign.

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