Friday, 29 November, 2013, 19:43 Politics
Amnesty International catches Yanukovych out lying

Amnesty International demands that Yanukovych must not tramp on the right of Ukrainians to peaceful gatherings, its Nov. 29 statement says.

“When Ukrainians were protesting about the regime’s failure to sign the association agreement with the EU, the Ukrainian authorities resorted to banning demonstrations, arrests and beating of peaceful protesters,’ its statement runs.

 “Despite the president’s declarations of support for peaceful demonstrators, the actions of the local authorities and police all over Ukraine run counter to these statements and violate the human rights of Ukrainians,” AI representative in Ukraine Tetyana Mazur says. 

 “If Pres Yanukovych is earnestly willing to build a society in which human rights are observed, he must see to it that the rights of citizens to peaceful protests are not violated, and banning peaceful actions, arresting and beating their participants must be stopped,” T. Mazur said.

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