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Petition for sanctions against Yanukovych gathers 45,000 votes

The petition demanding sanctions against Pres Yanukovych, members of his cabinet and their families has already been signed by 45,000 voters, or almost half the needed number, Radio Svoboda reports Nov. 28.

The petition was published on the White House website Nov. 26. 

 “We cannot accept the fact that Pres Viktor Yanukovych and his government deny to the people of Ukraine the right to be closer to western civilization,” the petition runs. 

 “We demand that personal sanctions against Yanukovych and members of his cabinet be imposed unless Yanukovych signs the association agreement in Vilnius,” it continues.

The petition authors demand a ban on Yanukovych and his government to travel to the USA and EU as well as freeze their bank accounts and these of the companies linked with them.

The White House will consider the petition if it gathers 100,000 votes by Dec. 26, Radio Svoboda says.

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