Tuesday, 29 October, 2013, 14:42 Economy
Putin’s adviser: Gas-pumping consortium between Ukraine and Russia cannot be created

Putin’s adviser, Serhy Glaziev, says it is impossible to set up a gas-pumping consortium with Ukraine any longer.

The plan to create a consortium went up in smoke. It could have been implemented a year ago,” he said.
Because Ukraine has signed the agreement on Europe’s energy community, the official explained, the consortium is not feasible, Ukrayinska Pravda quotes Glaziev as saying.

 “The agreement stipulates that companies involved in gas extraction, trade and pumping must be separated. On these terms it will be unprofitable for Gazprom to take part in such consortium as it won’t be able to supply its gas,” he added.

“We have repeatedly advised our Ukrainian partners not to sign the energy community agreement. It gives no benefits to Ukraine,” Glaziev said.


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