News » Western Ukraine 21 October, 2013, 14:23
Archeologists come across mass burial of Poles in Volyn

Polish and Ukrainian archeologists involved in a joint digging project in Volodymyr Volynsky say they found a mass burial of Poles, BBC reported Oct. 21.

Judging by the buttons and military insignia, the burial included the remnants of Polish police officers and military.
All the victims were killed with shots to their heads in 1940-41. They were killed by the Soviet secret police, NKVD.
The victims could be the POWs whom the Soviets used to build the Molotov defense line and then destroyed. Or, they could be the inmates of the local NKVD prison killed as the Soviets were withdrawing after Germany attacked the Soviet Union.
NKVD shot both Poles and Ukrainians in this area in 1941. Later on, the Nazis began the massive extermination of Jews.
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