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Rada not to free Tymoshenko without nod from Yanukovych, European parliament member says

Yanukovych’s statement on his readiness to sign law to free Tymoshenko is merely his attempt to pin a part of responsibility on Verkhovna Rada, Marek Siwiec, Europarliment lawmaker says.

Speaking on the Polish radio, Siewec said Yuanukovych’s statement is no reason for a jubilee, Ukrayinska Pravda quotes him as saying Oct. 18.
Everything depends on the will of Yanukovych, not Rada, he said.
Tymoshenko was no saint but there are many ways to punish her and the 7-year prison term is the last of them, he said.
Oct. 17, Pres Yanukovych said he will free Tymoshenko for treatment in Germany if Rada adopts the appropriate law.
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